As COVID-19 invaded our lives and rearranged our normal at Strike Zone, we were given the challenge of providing a new normal with a healthy and safer environment for our customers and staff.

 We have now implemented measures with the attempt to protect us both and now need your cooperation to achieve this gold while we continue to provide our island with premium entertainment.

Our new normal was consider with you our customers in mind and while these measures are mandatory we will require your full support and cooperation as we try to make The Zone a safer place for us all.

Customer Zone Code:

Entrance: All customers will be requiring having our new No Contact temperature test done before entering the facility.

Sanitation: All customers must use provided hand sanitizer before and after using the equipment.

Mask: All customer will be required to wear a regulation Face Mask during all sessions.


Laser Tag Sessions:

  1. Only the participating group will be allowed to enter the facility for the booked session

  2. Groups will only be allowed 2 none participating guest.

  3. Each 12 minute session will be a maximum of 14 persons for corporate groups and 10 persons for family or friend groups.


Zone Code:

All staff will wear mask and gloves at all times while in the facility.


There will be a 15 minute break after all group sessions for equipment cleaning before next group enters the facility.

Our facility is now fitted with electronic commercial air purification system which will be activated at the end of each day.