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What Is Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a competitive game where two or more teams face to meet a number of objectives. I guess the easiest way to describe Laser Tag is Paintball 2.0 where everything is controlled electronically.

Each player is equipped with an infrared emitter called phaser, which houses all the electronics of the system and a series of receivers placed on a vest. Its mission is to collect points for your team, impacting vest rivals or fulfilling the objectives of the game. All this is done in a controlled environment called “Arena”, specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience.

The impact works thanks to an infrared beam. It is the same technology used on remote controls for television, being totally harmless.

Thus: Impacts are completely safe, painless and non-staining.


There’s no need to take any special protective gear, you can play with any clothes.
You can play anywhere.

Everything is controlled electronically, so it’s impossible to cheat.
Anyone can play but we recommend children from 6 years.

What Laser Tag has to offer?

At Strike Zone we know that Laser Tag has much more to offer than a simple game and our monitors will be ready to take full advantage of these special features. It’s indicated to develop the social skills of the players, and that enhances teamwork, communication and cooperation towards clear objectives. The whole environment will be controlled by  marshals who will inform players before entering the Arena, about safety and game features, this allows children and teens to learn while they play and have fun.

Companies can also take advantage of these features by hiring our services. Enhance Team Building and Employee Satisfaction, by improving the performance of your teams through really funny moments.

 Strike Zone Laser Tag explains that Laser Tag is a unique adventure to enjoy with your loved ones. Therefore, the arena will be set following science fiction atmosphere, using the most modern and safe equipment.

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